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Changes & Improvements to HRI Campgrounds, Reservation Policies

Posted December 6, 2018

Hawaii Reserves, Inc., announces changes and improvements to its campgrounds and reservation policies.


The Hukilau Beach and Po'ohaili campgrounds are privately owned and managed. Reservations for the campgrounds are made by phone six months prior to the camping date on a first come, first served basis. (See: Typically, for the months of June and July, HRI receives in excess of 8,000 attempted reservation calls for Hukilau campgrounds alone. For the high demand weeks, that results in 8-10 calls per second and our records show that reservations are consistently secured by ward units associated with the Laie Hawaii and Laie Hawaii North Stakes.

Reservations, Park Improvements, Fee Structure

To allow for a more orderly and equal distribution of Hukilau summer camp reservations, and to continue to provide benefit to the largest number of local families and residents possible, we announce the following change effective June 1, 2019: Hukilau campgrounds will be reserved for ward units of the Laie Hawaii Stake and the Laie Hawaii North Stake for the Summer break weeks. For 2019, this period runs Monday, June 3 through Saturday, August 3, 2019. The camp schedule will be determined at a later date by these local stake units.

As agreed upon with local stake leaders, each stake will allocate reserved weeks among their respective wards. The reserved weeks will alternate and be evenly divided between the two stakes. Groups other than the local community stake units will continue to use the phone reservations system to reserve Hukilau camp sites for the remaining weeks of the year. Po'ohaili campgrounds will continue to be open to all via the phone reservations system.

We are also pleased to announce that we are improving and expanding the Hukilau campgrounds, and beginning in Spring 2019, there will be two large group camp sites at Hukilau. Additionally, we are in the planning and design process to construct a restroom facility and additional outdoor showers for campers. Finally, for safety and convenience, we are also designing a new entryway off the highway and an expanded parking area for the campgrounds. There will also be some redesigning of the Po'ohaili campgrounds in the future.

In order to cover the costs of these improvements, and the on-going maintenance costs of these campgrounds, beginning in the year 2020 camp user fees will be charged.

We look forward to the benefits that these changes and improvements will provide. If you have any questions, please send us a message at:

Thank you.


Ken’s Fresh Fish Opening & Improvements to Laie Shopping Center and Hukilau Camp Grounds

Posted November 27, 2018

Ken’s Fresh Fish Now Open Weekdays

We’re happy to announce that Ken’s Fresh Fish restaurant has officially opened following renovation work on the Laie Country Store building. Residents and visitors alike will now be able to get their fresh seafood for takeout during the weekdays and weekends. The extremely popular eatery was previously open only as an outdoor takeout venue, limited to Fridays and Saturdays.

Honoring The Past

Kenny Broad of Ken’s Fresh Fish

Besides ahi katsu fish plates, poke bowls, and other popular seafood fare, Ken’s will continue to be a wholesale distributor to area markets. The phenomenal, high volume plate lunch sales of Ken’s started from the humble beginnings of wholesale buyers simply wanting to sample the catch of the day.

“We went from fresh fish samples, to buyers asking for some rice on the side with their samples, to now selling about 400 plates a day when we’re open”, said Kenny Broad. “We’ve gotten so popular that we’re now ready to move to the next level; people love our seafood because it’s fresh – caught right here in our own bays locally”, says Broad. “You can taste the difference.”

Honoring The Past

Current Hours for Ken’s Fresh Fish

Improvements Coming to Laie Shopping Center & Hukilau Camp Grounds

The walkway at the Laie Shopping Center is being upgraded with a new design and finish. “We’re very pleased with the colors and design of the new, decorative flooring which complements nicely the shopping center’s aesthetic theme,” said Richard Vierra, Director of Property Management for HRI.

Vierra added that during the first half of December, the Laie Shopping Center parking lot will be repaved and seal coated to keep the shopping center parking areas “well-maintained and looking good.” The paving will start at the South end near the Aloha Gas / Foodland gas station, and finish on the North end near the Foodland super market.

Honoring The Past

Decorative Walkway Flooring at the Laie Shopping Center

Also, in order to ensure the safety of campers and the general public, many of the trees at the Hukilau camp grounds are being removed or trimmed. “We have had branches break unexpectedly at the camp area, and we are taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of all campers and guests,” said Jeffrey Tyau, Vice-President of Operations at HRI. Tyau noted that in the future the camp area will also be expanded to accommodate more guests.


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